What's Included

icon_check iconOne (1) standard Matterport® 3D model
icon_check iconOne (1) year of hosting in our Matterport® Cloud account

Can I book now for $124 and wait to schedule the scan until I know the home is ready?

Yes. Simply schedule any available appointment using the “Book Online Now” button (above), knowing you will change the date later. [Our scheduling app requires a date to complete the booking, but we can change the date for you later.] Input the ADDRESS of your upcoming listing. When we call/text you to confirm the appointment, you can give us the information we know to work your Matterport® scan into your schedule. We can be flexible with your evolving needs.

What is a "standard" model?

Matterport® defines a standard model as any collection of “100* total scans.” The “scans” can be internal 3D scans, 360º (exterior) images, or a combination of both.

* With some creative effort we’ve scanned 5-bed, 5000+ sq ft, luxury homes in less than 100 scans. [If you have a particularly HUGE home to scan, let us know when we call to confirm your appointment.]

How big (sq ft) can my listing be to qualify?

As big as you like* as long as it fits into one (1) standard model.

* With some creative effort we’ve scanned 5-bed, 5000+ sq ft, luxury homes in less than 100 scans.

Will you include exterior 360º images?

Officially: No.

In reality: Probably.

If you want exterior 360º shots, and 1) you let us know where you’d like them shot, 2) there is space left in your standard model after the interior is completely scanned, and 3) the weather is cooperating … then YES, we will include them. However, in the rare event that the stars don’t align in your favor on the day of your scan such that we cannot take any or all of your requested 360º images, at least you know that our official answer is no.

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I'm new to Matterport®. Are there things I should know or do before my scan appointment?

Ooo, good question! Yes. There are things that significantly improve the Matterport® process.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is ensure the house is show-ready and vacant. It’s important that nothing moves after the scanning is started or Matterport® may fail to build its 3D matrix. We strongly recommend that only the technician performing the scan be present during scanning, if possible.

In owner-occupied homes, ask the homeowners to let us in then go out for breakfast, or take the dog for a long walk. We’ll let both the owner and you know when we’re almost done. For reference, most 3-bed, 2,500 sq ft homes can be scanned in under an hour. Bigger homes might take up to 2 hours.

Other things to consider:

  • Matterport® models are created using cameras that ‘see’ in over, under, and a full 360º around the camera. Therefore, the only way to limit what is shown in the final model is to hide it from view or limit where the camera is placed during scanning … this includes people and pets. Therefore,
    • Don’t schedule your scan at a time that gardeners, pool boys, stagers, photographers, videographers, repair crews, or potential buyers might be present. If you’re having photography done on the same day, schedule us in first.
  • If you have a Sentrilock® or contractor’s lockbox in place, you can give us that type of access, if you like. We have years of experience working with REALTORS® in many states. We can let ourselves in, out, and lock up.
  • If you have a special timing request, for example before sunrise or after sunset, call or text us to discuss.
When can I expect to receive the completed 3D virtual tour?

Typically, less than 24 hours.

Since the scan is processed into a 3D virtual tour by the Matterport® Cloud, the demand on their servers is the greatest determinant of turnaround time.

Can I ask you something that isn't listed here?

For sure!

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